Fear. Fear is a strange thing. It makes you do things you wouldn’t do in your right mind. Sometimes unknown and sometimes known fear. Fear of doing things, fear of saying things, fear of disappointment, fear of hurt, fear of loss. Amidst all that you fear, not being able to pick up yourself from pieces, is the fear you fear the most. And that my heart, is your greatest defeat. You fear your own fears!



Restless night keep you wondering

What if someone watches you while dreaming

Their gaze stuck on your reflection

Moonlight giving glow of perfection

Unaware of the battlefield that bleeds

Quilting dreams of the peace doesn’t need

As if looking in a million mirror pieces

Each one of your being decreases

Only you draw the chest to lock

Lost safe haven in hands of clock

How long do you last before shattered

Wake them to see you one last time scattered.


A Wish

They say I’m weird

Although I don’t have a beard

A chest full of dreams

That shine through the seams

Locked away in fears

Of stripping away their cheers

With daggers and swords

Come at them my lords

For when I take a peek

Merely to get my hopes bleak

Hiding sorrows under a grin

Defeat accepted with no win

Clear I can’t fight reality anew

Wishing I was like the few

Soldiers warriors if may be called

Victory for them as they hauled

Tired of them calling me weird

Give me a wish to be disappeared.



As I lay awake at night

Scared to let sleep take flight

Cause I know what awaits

On the other side of slumber bait

Shadows taking over soul

Feeding on my worries all

Exhibiting deepest secrets to haunt

Leaving vulnerable scars to flaunt

Fears whirling up a cyclone

Mocking existence of my own



My secret place, lost so soon

Happy I was, over the moon

Scared of my own happiness,

Couldn’t accept the naughtiness,

Destined I may be for all they see,

To sit curled up under the tree,

Burning within by the urge so strong,

Slowing shrinking to where I belong.



Smile :)

I saw a light, shinning through,

Wandering in the forest blue,

Hiding from the hungry crew,

That set to soak all its sinew.


Mighty yet frail oh so,

Broken down yet you go,

Hoping for a sunny show,

Out with courage, again you roe.


Hold on tight for it will come,

Dancing on your beat of drum,

To take thee to the world of some,

For when you smile, it’s their rum.



Lust or love?

Lust or love, how do you know?

Oh my heart, will you not blow?

A getaway, too good you show,

But dare you ever go so low?

A million questions for you though,

First of which, is your own glow,

Ye ever going to retort the bestow?

Or have the strength for all sorrow?

Brave be to let the love outgrow?

Lust or love, you should never know!